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In this GSoC project, I will focus on making styles (.qml), symbols definition (.xml), and SVG markers sharing possible through web services that later can be accessed and used in QGIS. The project scope includes:

  • Developing a web application to allow QGIS users (through OSGeo LDAP account) to upload their styles, symbols, and SVG’s.
  • Integration in QGIS to allow users to fetch those resources and use them.

This project was partly done (styles and symbols sharing) in GSOC 2013, but unfortunately, the work was not merged in to master as some QGIS core developers thought that it was not production-ready, mainly on the server side. For the server side, I have moved the previous GSOC 2013 work to this repository: http://github.com/akbargumbira/QGIS-Sharing and will continue to work there.


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Student's Biography

Akbar Gumbira

I am a Software Engineer holding Bachelor's Degree from Informatics ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia). I am trying to be a full-stack engineer, but for the last couple of years, it seems that my work mostly involve Python and Docker. At the moment, I live in Poland, continuing master's degree in Computer Science. I speak 3 languages (Bahasa Indonesia and Sundanese - my native languages, English - my second language) and now learning Polish.