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Request for Peer Review Articles


The OSGeo is an organization created to support the collaborative development of open source geospatial software, and to promote its widespread use. The OSGeo Journal is the official publication of the OSGeo Journal.

The OSGeo Journal occassionally publishes a fully peer-reviewed articles related to geospatial technology topics.

Peer Review Article Requirements

Articles submitted for publication should meet the following requirements:

  • The article topic should be related to research on the development and use of geospatial software. This could include research on algorithm design, algorithm implementation, data structures, software development methods, utilization of geospatial data. Research on geospatial analysis and cartography will also be considered. Preference will be given to articles related to open standards and open source technology.
  • Article text should be submitted as a plain text file or an ODT file. Additionally a pdf printout of the article with captions, figures and tables placed in text should be submitted for review.
  • Graphics should be submitted in preliminary form. The Journal Team will work with the article authors to produce the final graphics suitable for the media channels in which the journal is published.
  • The article, once submitted, is released under the Creative Commons By Attribution - No Derivatives license.

Note on Style

The intent of the OSGeo Journal Team is to produce a peer reviewed volume that is easily utilized and applied by software developers and geospatial professionals both inside and OUTSIDE academia. Articles should be written in a simple, understandable style. Technical jargon should be avoided when possible and explained when it must be used. All mathematical formulas and concepts should be clearly explained. (The author can assume the reader has a BASIC understanding of geospatial concepts and computer programming. An advanced knowledge of computer science and mathematics should not be assumed.)

Peer Review Process

All peer review articles submitted for Volume 12 will be reviewed by both academic professionals and industry professionals outside of academia. Articles will be reviewed not only for style and content, but to validate basic methods of research, analysis, and testing.

The peer review will be anonymous. Peer review comments will be provided to the author by the editor. The editor will coordinate communications between the editor and author. Notes on the peer review process from the author or peer reviewers may be published with the article if requested. The methods of research, analysis and testing may be scored and the score may be published with the articles.

Authors will retain the right to withdraw their article from publication until the peer review process has closed. Revisions to the articles by the author will be allowed (within reason) until the final publication date.

Support by the Journal Team

The OSGeo Journal Team wants to assure authors of its commitment to support their writing efforts throughout the submission, peer review, and publication process. The Journal Team has a strong desire to make this process enjoyable for the author and their research team, while still maintaining the integrity of the peer review process. If you have hesitated to publish your research in the past, we encourage you to submit your article to us. Please share with your peers the results of your hard work.