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Upgrading OSGeo Debian6 (Squeeze) VM's to Debian7 (Wheezy)

The procedure to upgrade to Debian8 or Debian9 is pretty similar.


Some of the "aptitude"-commands suggest removal of numerous packages.

Do not accept these suggestions but instead ask Aptitude for better ones, which, in most cases, replace removal of a package by upgrading.

If you can't avoid removing packages - installing/upgrading "apt-transport-https" doesn't work without - , then make sure you understand which ones are being removed. Make a note and check, which ones require later re-installation (apt-listchanges) and which ones are obsolete.


  • First, make sure required Debian keys are in place to pull package lists

~# aptitude install debian-archive-keyring

  • Upgrade basic foundation to prevent later version mismatches

~# aptitude install libc6 dpkg locales locales-all

  • Upgrade encryption

~# aptitude install openssl openssl-blacklist openssl-blacklist-extra openssh-client openssh-server openssh-blacklist openssh-blacklist-extra

  • Be future-proof, will upgrade quite a few dependencies

~# aptitude install apt apt-transport-https

  • These may get lost when introducing "apt-transport-https"

~# aptitude install aptitude apt-listchanges libapt-pkg-perl python-apt

  • Estimate, if there'll be sufficient disk space after downloading all upgrade packages

~# aptitude dist-upgrade -d

  • Finally, upgrade

~# aptitude dist-upgrade

  • Take extra care for having a working GRUB on OSGeo's VM's

~# aptitude install grub-legacy
~# grub-install --recheck /dev/vda
~# update-grub


Software: Trac

  • It is not mandatory to upgrade Trac, but we need to make it available to the default Python. Unpack current Trac stable release into temp directory and install:

/tmp/Trac-1.2.2# python ./ install --prefix=/usr/local

/tmp/tracldapemailresolverplugin# python install
/tmp/tracstats-master# python install
/tmp/spam-filter# python install
/tmp/spam-filter/Doxygen# python install
/tmp/sectioneditplugin/1.2# python install
/tmp/sectioneditplugin/tocmacro/0.11# python install

Software: PostgreSQL

  • While we're at it, upgrading PostgreSQL is usually a good idea as long as PostGIS isn't being used.

~# aptitude install postgresql-10 postgresql-client-10 postgresql-contrib
~# pg_dropcluster --stop 10 main
~# pg_upgradecluster 9.5 main


  • Not directly related to the upgrade, but required to let "awstats" read Apache log files (unless someone messes with their permissions):

~# adduser www-data adm


  • Remove python2.5, libdb4.8 and related packages.

Remove /usr/local/lib/python2.5/

  • Check for old GCC packages as well as packages containing "squeeze" in the version tag and remove appropriately.
  • For backwards compatibility reasons, a ancient "sudo" package was kept on some VM's. Please revise "/etc/apt/preferences.d/sudo.pref", preferrably remove it and port the sudoers file accordingly.