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Who should join SAC

Getting Elected to SAC

SAC members are added by election. A SAC member can ask someone if they would like to be on SAC and if that someone agrees, the SAC member should open up a motion for the person to be added to SAC.

A person (even if not a member of SAC), can take initiative, and ask to be added to SAC via the SAC mailing list.

Once intent has been confirmed, a SAC member (PSC Chair must make the motion if no one else does), will on SAC mailing list, start the motion to add said member to SAC list.

At least 3 members of SAC must agree to the request on the mailing list with a +1, and no -1. All -1s must be discussed and adjudicated before motion to add member can be passed.

New member motion passed what next

Once the motion passes, to add the new member:

  • Add member to list of SAC#Members and indicate their responsibilities if known.
  • Based on their responsibilities, the new member may be given additional access and enhanced permissions which may include:
    • membership in SAC LDAP group
    • membership in shell LDAP group, allowing ssh access
    • administrative access to one or more of the following:
      • wiki
      • main website
      • mailing lists

Details on how to access the various administrative areas can be found on SAC:Administrative Access.