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Name: Santtu Pyykkönen Osgeo santtu pyykkonen.jpeg
Job Title: GIS Consultant
Company: Gispo Oy
Address: Kalevankatu 31
City: Helsinki
State: Uusimaa
Country: Finland
Local Chapter: Finland
Instant Messaging:
Language(s): Finnish, English, Spanish, Swedish, Russian
Personal Description : Santtu Pyykkönen is a Geospatial IT enthusiast, who came across on Free and Open Software for Geospatial in Mexico 2013 while searching for effective alternatives to commercial GIS software. While enjoying greatly FOSS4G, I also got to use the power of Linux, besides of many other open source technologies. In years gone by, I have learned a lot about the huge power that lies in the FOSS4G-community and its' capability to build effective geo-tools and integrations to resolve wider societal and natural problems.
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