Taiwan Chapter Report 2007

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Taiwan OSGEO Chapter

  • Period covered by report: Jan-Dec 2007
  • Contact name: Sander Borghuis


OSGeo Taiwan, founded on March this year, is a new and vibrant social network in Taiwan. OSGeo Taiwan actively participated in local GIS-related conferences and meetings to advocate open geo-data, promote Open Source GIS and introduce OSGeo to Taiwanese GIS communities.

Key Accomplishments

  • OSGeo Taiwan with Academia Sinica Computer Center GIS Team, and Chinese Culture University Digital Earth Research Center, organized a session for Free/Open Source Software for Geoinformatics. The session was held at the 5th Taipei International Digital Earth (FOSS4G) Symposium (TIDES’07) at the Chinese Culture University from May 15 to 18.
  • A panel discussion was held, which focused on “Encouraging Development of OSGeo Activities in Taiwan”. Participants not only shared their experiences of FOSS and FOSS4G, but also provided some suggestions for future development of FOSS4G in Taiwan.
  • OSGeo Taiwan started to conduct Summer Training courses for Open Source GIS on each Friday during June 29 to August 3 at Academia Sinica Computer Center.

Areas for Improvement

  • Open Data is the first and most urgent task on the list of priorities of OSGeo Taiwan.
  • OSGeo Taiwan should make concerted efforts to lobby the government to release geospatial data.
  • OSGeo Taiwan should provide useful resources, and co-develop tutorials, technical notes, training courses, workshops and conferences to assist novices of OSGeo & FOSS4G and support local geospatial professional communities.

Opportunities to Help

  • If you have any suggestions then just contact me, please find my details on the member page.

Outlook for 2008

  • Taiwan’s Ministry of The Interior Information Center promised to start releasing map data to facilitate the learning and exchange among geo-spatial communities & industry.