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Online Communication


Welcome everybody to the geospatial devroom at FOSDEM 2022 The devroom is hosted by OSGeo - Open Source Geospatial Foundation

You are welcome to visit the OSGeo website & join our community Join OSGeo - find out how to get started

It is great that we could join FOSDEM with the geospatial devroom. Thanks a lot to the FOSDEM team for the great conference.

We have many great talks today in the geospatial devroom. We hope you will enjoy the program.

The organizing team are Vissarion Fisikopoulos (Greece) and Astrid Emde (Germany) and we will guide you through the day.

If you need help or have questions let us know. We hope to have a vibrant discussion today and that we get many ideas for our work with geospatial data. We are excited and hope you have a great time.

FOSS4G 2022 Have you heard about FOSS4G Free Open Source Software for Geospatial conference. The annual global gathering of OSGeo? It will be in Florence (Italy) in August 22-28

OSGeoLive - try all the software on your own

2nd Joint OGC OSGeo ASF Code Sprint 2022 8.-10. March 2022

The FOSDEM Geospatial devroom has a history. It started in 2014 and was part of FOSDEM since then. We enjoyed being in Brussels and we hope we will also have a great virtual day today. - 2014 johan van der Wau, Anne Gishla, FOSS4G Belgium team, Just van der Broecke

With the FOSDEM 2022 online version we are lucky to have speaker from all over the world. Some of them might be still asleep now at the start of the program.

We hope you will all enjoy the day.

Good Morning Backstage

Good morning everybody & welcome to the geospatial backstage room. We hope we will have a great day today. If you have any question or problems let us know. We can be very relaxed as all the talks are already recorded.

Some things you may check

  • you may add some more links that are connected to your presentation at your submission if you like
  • please check your biography. You can use markdown
  • please add your slides (if you have any) before your talk
  • we prepared a document with some questions that the moderators may ask. You can have a look and add more


We are at the end of the program of the FOSDEM 2022 geospatial devroom.

We hope enjoyed the day at FOSDEM 2022 geospatial devroom. Please submit feedback to the talks The videos from FOSDEM will be published at Thanks a lot to all the speaker & people involved & great to see so many geospatial enthusiasts from all over the world in our devroom.

Big thanks to the FOSDEM team. It was an amazing conference.

Get your FOSDEM T-Shirt or maybe a GDAL T-Shirt teespring -> /gdal?pid=793&cid=103538 or both ?

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See you at FOSDEM 2022 - hopefully we will meet in person again.

It was great to meet you all today. Stay save!

From the Organising Team of the FOSDEM Geospatial Devroom 2022


FOSDEM 2022 - your talk was accepted. =

thanks a lot for your contribution to FOSDEM 2022.

Your talk was accepted.

Please have a look at the schedules time and check whether it is ok for you.

We will reach out to you with further details about the recoding and presentaion soon.

We are looking forward to FOSDEM 2022

See you


OSGeo at FOSDEM 2022 (Online) - join us in the geospatial devroom an Sunday February 7th 2022

Sunday 7. February 2022 10:00 - 17:00

FOSDEM is the largest free and open source developers meeting in Europe, with 8000+ participants. It normally takes place in Brussels (Belgium).

FOSDEM 2022 will be an online event. We will have a geospatial devroom again and are pleased to invite you to join us there.No registration necessary.

See the schedule to find out about the program in the other rooms:

How to join the Geospatial devroom? You find information aout how to join here

FOSDEM 2022 will be an online event 5 & 6 February 2022

OSGeo will take part with the geospatial devroom again!

Stay tuned the Call for participation for the room will be published soon.


We prepared a nice program for you with a many exciting talks and speaker from all over the world.