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Sprint Info for OSGeo Funding

A request for supporting a sprint by OSGeo should include the following information about the event and the funding model for it:

Basic Information

  • Audience: how many people are expected?

100 to 120 Participants

  • Region: is the sprint localized to a specific region?

The sprint is covering all regions

  • Projects: is the sprint to work on just one specific project, or is it for multiple projects?

The sprint will cover multiple projects. Some of the OSGeo projects will be used during the CodeSprint including MapServer, QGIS, to mention a few. The participants will formulate teams and hack downs solutions that they will have brainstormed.

  • Length: how many days will the sprint cover?

The sprint will start on Friday afternoon at 2:00pm, Saturday whole day and Sunday whole day ending at 7:00pm

  • Venue: where will the sprint be held?

ISBAT University

  • will food be provided?

Yes, Food will be provided to the participants with coffee

  • will overnight lodging be provided?

We do not intend to provide overnight lodging, but incase participants need to code the whole night they will have full access to the venue to code since it is a code sprint. Incase of availability of sponsorship and funds we shall provide accommodation for participants who will travelled long distances.

Expected budget

Item Quantity Unit Cost (USD) Total Cost (USD)
Venue (3days) 3 1000 3000
Internet 1 3000 3000
Accomodation - - -
Break tea 4 5 2400
Lunch 2 10 2400
Dinner 3 10 3600
Snacks 3 3 1080
Stationary 1 5 600
T.shirts 1 10 1200
Total 17280

  • Where is the prospective budget published? Provide a link to a publicly accessible resource (e.g. wiki). The prospective budget shall list the levels/amounts of forecasted sponsorship, and show that OSGeo is providing matching funds (see Sponsorship Criteria below).

The budget shall contain the following information:

  • what is the expected registration fee, if any, for each attendee?

Expected registration fee is $25 USD

  • what is the expected amount of third-party sponsorships?

Target sponsorship is $10,000 USD

  • what in-kind donations are expected (such as donated use of a conference room)?

Venue has been sponsored by ISBAT University, we have written to Smile Telecom for Internet Sponsorship currently awaiting feedback

  • what is the desired amount of OSGeo sponsorship?


  • what is the expected cost per attendee, for travel, lodging, and food?

Travel cost:The organisers shall not take care of attendee travel cost. Lodging cost: $30USD per attendee (For those who will need accommodation) FoodCost per attendee: $30 USD per day based on previous consultation with service providers, The cost of all necessary meals which include breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner.

  • what is the expected cost for the venue (such as conference room, wifi support, snacks, etc)?

Cost of venue is 3000USD each day is valued at 1000USD.

Profit / Loss / Risk

  • What is the expected profit of the event, if any? where will any surplus money go?

The event will be of benefit as it will contribute greatly to the creation of the OSGeo Community in Uganda and the region.

  • Under what circumstances might the event incur a loss? how will this risk be mitigated?

The event will incur a loss incase registered participants do no turn up and this risk will be mitigated by seeking consent from the participants to make registration payments.