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ISO19115 Metadata -- This page and its specification for metadata content should be revised to reference the ISO metadata standard, and NOT FGDC. The two basic reasons for this are: 1) FGDC is in the process of initiating review of a US/Canadian profile of ISO metadata; in other words, the "legacy" FGDC metadata standard is soon going to be supplanted. 2)Most of the globe (North American being the primary exception) is already working with ISO-based metadata, and view the handling of FGDC metadata as a necessary evil.

Dublin Core -- Dublin Core metadata is referenced on this page, and is used as the "starting point" for the definition of metadata content. It is true that Dublin Core definitions are a common element across many non-spatial fields of endeavor. However, both ISO and OGC standards have been built with references to DC elements, primarily for forward compatibility. I recommend that the DC content references on this page should be modified to refer to ISO elements.

OGC Catalogue -- Specifics of the OGC Catalogue specification are salted throughout the technical sections of this page. This specification requires a "profile" for implementation, and there are several mature profiles in various stages of work within OGC. It would be much more productive to utilize one of these profiles (preferably, IMHO, the ISO profile) rather than engaging in some of the technical specification work that is on this page. It appears to me to be a great amount of wheel-reinventing. Apologies to the authors if I have misunderstood their purpose.