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This white paper was originally started by Arnulf Christl who opened it for public contribution on the Wiki web site of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation on 2012-11-07. It builds on the findings published by several other organizations (see credits) the Open Knowledge Foundation, the Sunshine Foundation, the Ordnance Survey UK, OpenStreetMap, etc.

For full credits please refer to the history of the live version of this page maintained on the Wiki web page at OSGeo.

Contributing Organizations

  • OSGeo
  • Open Knowledge Foundation
  • metaspatial
  • please add your affiliation


This white paper is copyrighted by Arnulf Christl who permanently and irrevocably dedicates it to the Public Domain. In legislations oblivious to the concept of a Public Commons this paper is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 and GNU FDL. Pick the license which best fits your needs. Please direct any inquiries to the copyright, ownership or license to Arnulf Christl who will endeavour to help you find the right fit. The live version of this white paper resides on the Wiki web pages of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation and is licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike (CC by SA 3.0 or later).