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Ari, I get the impression the goal of this effort would be to produce an informative document on available resources, is that right? I can imagine other things it could do, such as provide support to projects in generation of good language wrappers, but for now I think an informational guide to available services would be a good focus.

Let me know if you need a mailing list on, and I will get it setup for you. My suggestion would be that this effort could live as a working group without any formal designation from the board. It's development efforts could live in the wiki, and when you have information ready to publish you would pass it off to webcom for placement on the main web site. A set of web pages (and perhaps a corresponding pdf white paper) with a summary of resources available would be a great first deliverable.

--Warmerda 22:03, 26 March 2006 (CEST)

mmm.. it-s not better in another part.. mm

MO .. this is like an introductory document which could be better in some stathic place, even official.. here there-s an idea.. substitute the projects names at home by this languages categories which go to a links list of certified projects for every programming lang.. (with an introductory explain for every categorie).. some osgeo projects may noy like this idea because this will take their brand names from the homepage,.. but the categorization is much aproximate, profesional, friendly racy and open this way . Also the diferent mapping projects who founded osgeo could have their names at footer at members, etc.. for example, (it-is open source, we are under os domain) we need to know programming language and get software, the brand name is secondary (if Mapprojectnumber3 has a java and a php osgeo certified projects, Mapprojectnumber3 to have 2 links(one form home/java categorie to its java aplication homepage, the other to the Mapprojectnumber3 php aplication home url)

so it-s about the home right block i think

i mean..

project request for programming languages.. strange.. aren-t we depreciating them a bit by having them here.. for example.. no programming langs/no osgeo project no money fundraising/osgeo project anyway

other example.. ajax webmapping project request and programming languages project in the same categorie..

really, i don-t know if i-m explaining well the conceptual bugs coming to mind.. sorry