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Markus wrote:

  • Mapbender loss of archives: this is absolutely dangerous and must be avoided at least for other projects (copyright infringement issues, authorships etc are often commented therein)
  • you may add "geodata processing" to the list of usages
  • Drupal:
    • do we know anything about its scalability (many users)?
    • how to mirror it to other web sites (GRASS has 25+ mirrors worldwide)
  • Hosting questions: do we have cost scenarios for the hired staff (maybe I should know)
  • automated smoke tests on do we have different operating systems there?

Infrastructure: please add

  • telephone conference server (Asterix or YATE,..) to render communication free and improve sound quality
  • a translation portal for software user messages (web based, e.g. rosetta/launchpad (still non-free, let's free it), KDE kartouche, ...)
  • IRC CGI interface for all foundation projects to enable people behind firewalls to enter IRC (limit access to OSGeo related channels)

More information on Infrastructure needed

Jo and Marcus, I´m Alejandro Chumaceiro, from SIGIS in Venezuela. we met in foss4g in Lausanne. We could be able to support this migration effort but we need to have more hard information regarding Server capabilities required, quantities, Band width (I know the more the better, but what´s a desireable number), and a list of all programs needed in this site. We have the expertice to setup, admin and maintain the site, since we are running several servers rendering a Vehicle tracking and geomarkeitng service using FOSS. Thanks, Alejandro Chumaceiro