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I have a few comments about the document and it would be good to get second opinions before changes are made.

Who will send in the final version? The final document has to be converted to word and e-mailed to The subject lines must have “RFI-GSV06PD00089 from OSGeo”

Sections 2.2.4, 2.2.6, and 2.2.7 have interesting text but I’m not sure it fits well with the question at hand. Can someone else please take a look at this and deal with it as you see fit. One possibility would be to move it to the “Additional Information” section.

At the beginning of section 1 we need to supply contact information (point of contact, phone number, e-mail address). How do we do about this with OSGeo. Is the point of contact Frank W? Does someone want to volunteer? It would be nice if someone from the board could do it.

re. who will volunteer...

I am guessing it is more appropriate for the point of contact / responder to be a US citizen? If not, perhaps Dave M as an interested party could be a good 'volunteer'

Commercial vs OpenSource

Please don't oppose "Commercial" to "OpenSource"... (see 2.2.3).