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   20:03:29	robe2:	everyone ready for meeting
   20:03:34		* wildintellect meetings drive us to keep on topics between meetings
   20:03:35	robe2:	sorry got distracted with PostGIS stuff
   20:03:59	robe2:
   20:04:00	sigabrt:	Title: SAC Meeting 2018-03-29 - OSGeo (at
   20:04:02	TemptorSent:	Users with existing accounts would provide their old credentials, which would cause and auto-merge.
   20:04:35	robe2:	okay lets try to go in order -- first on agenda hardware -- wildintellect you have the floor
   20:05:17	robe2:	ping wildintellect
   20:05:20	wildintellect:	I just updated the agenda with what I just got from the vendor 5 min ago, they are waiting on some info about the parts from the company that makes them
   20:05:38	TemptorSent:	Supermicro I take it?
   20:06:21	wildintellect:	probably
   20:06:22	strk:	I'll have to go away in 10 minutes (and back after 20)
   20:06:38	wildintellect:	soon as I have the quotes, we'll review and put to vote
   20:06:43	robe2:	strk okay we'll hold the juicy discussions for you when you get back
   20:07:03	robe2:	next topic Funtoo
   20:07:25	TemptorSent:	Thanks wildintellect, I wish they would have mentioned the available pcie slot and m2 slot right up front!
   20:07:31	robe2:	On my part I haven't configured ssh login by LDAP yet, but plan to before end of weekend
   20:07:32	cvvergara:	I could use funtoo
   20:08:02	cvvergara:	(not that I know what I was doing)
   20:08:03	TemptorSent:	We now have a nextcloud instance runing in a subcontainer of our container :)
   20:08:05	robe2:	cvvergara you should jump on the Funtoo bandwagon. It's fun too
   20:08:31	strk:	I invited a mediawiki developer in this channel, dunno if he'll join
   20:09:12	robe2:	TemporSent I tried nextcloud but didn't know what to login as is it already configured for ldap login
   20:09:14	strk:	he knows about UserMerge plugin, if he joins please try to make best use of his time :)
   20:09:20	TemptorSent:	I did a bit of twiddling to get nginx to proxy the /nextcloud subdirectory from the outer container's external IP to the inner container's instance.
   20:09:24	strk:	his nick is legoktm
   20:09:27	robe2:	also the https were we going to get a letsencrypt for that
   20:10:29	strk:	yeah dont enter your creds in clear please
   20:11:01	robe2:	well it's not clear text it's got https just looks like it's a self-cert
   20:11:24	robe2:	anyway didn't seem to accept my ldap credentials so assume not configured for ldap yet
   20:11:32	robe2:	or I mistyped them
   20:11:53	TemptorSent:	Nope, if someone would care to setup the user for it to bind, we can get that fixed.
   20:13:20	strk:	I don't get a login screen, via /nextcloud
   20:13:38	robe2:
   20:13:45	TemptorSent: :)
   20:13:45	strk:	"Access thorugh untrusted domain, add "" as trusted domain
   20:13:59	strk:	ah, you didn't like ? :)
   20:14:05	TemptorSent:	Oh, need to add that to the config for nextcloud.
   20:14:50	strk:	better get the right name for letsencrypt..
   20:15:17	cvvergara: uses an invalid security certificate.
   20:15:22	cvvergara:	i get that
   20:15:34	TemptorSent:	Yeah, we'll want to ask to have the revdns set to
   20:15:47	robe2_:	sorry lost connection for a moment
   20:16:05	TemptorSent:	Yes, it's the self-signed cert for the moment until we get everthing configured for LE :)(
   20:16:35	robe2_:	I already have it set to
   20:16:43	TemptorSent:	I just wanted to get it functional enough to get the basic configuration done to start with.
   20:16:47	strk:	lets configure it for at that point
   20:16:55	robe2_:	can you use that somehow or not yet until you have the internal dns thing setup
   20:16:58	strk:	why the subdomain?
   20:17:17	strk:	easier to split the load if we have the root
   20:17:18	robe2_:	strk what subdomain?
   20:17:26	strk:	sorry, the subpath I meant
   20:17:59	TemptorSent:	The container can host many services from one external ip and cert that way.
   20:18:15	robe2_:	okay I see it's setup for ldap, but doesn't have any group filter, thus explains why I can't log in
   20:18:24	strk:	you can still do all in a single ip using virtualhosts
   20:18:34	strk:	ah but cert you're right
   20:18:38	TemptorSent:	robe2_ I haven't configured anything on ldap, just enabled it
   20:18:42	strk:	is that an issue once we use letsencrypt ?
   20:18:47	robe2_:	were we going to do an osgeo ldap nextcloud group or do we think it's safe enough for any osgeo member to log in
   20:19:09	TemptorSent:	strk We could request multi-domain certs I suppose, depends on what we need.
   20:19:10	strk:	you've to check if you can configure limits per group
   20:19:15	robe2_:	I presume in nextcloud we can set security futher so should be okay similar to how we have gitea allowing all but then we set per repo/org
   20:19:22	wildintellect:	I think initially it's intended for use by the Board only
   20:19:33	strk:	ok I'm leaving, ttyl
   20:19:35	wildintellect:	but for the test instance we could limit it to SAC
   20:19:36	robe2_:	wildintellect we have a board group already right?
   20:19:44	wildintellect:	not sure
   20:19:49	robe2_:	I guess I could test by adding board and sac and see if we can all log in
   20:19:51	wildintellect:	probably
   20:19:58	robe2_:	well I'll do just sac then
   20:20:04	robe2_:	for now so we can test
   20:20:15	TemptorSent:	robe2_ may I suggest we change the name on that record to for now? We can setup domain redirects later.
   20:20:29	robe2_:	TemptorSent we have that too
   20:20:41	robe2_:	I have setup as an A record
   20:20:48	TemptorSent:	Okay, I'll request the reveres mapping match that then :)
   20:20:53	robe2_: is a CName for
   20:21:14	TemptorSent:	Okay, that works -- we can have it rewrite that.
   20:23:34	TemptorSent:	Anyway, status of nextcloud is up, but essentially raw, so whoever either knows it or wants to experiement with it, please dig in!
   20:24:12	TemptorSent:	If any additional software is required to provide features, let me know and we'll get it handle.d
   20:24:54	robe2_:	I put in the base dsn for ldap but it keeps on saying lost connection
   20:24:59	robe2_:	so seems to be a problem them
   20:25:01	robe2_:	there
   20:25:15	robe2_:	anyway I'll investigate further perhaps after I had ssh set up
   20:25:15	TemptorSent:	Check logs on the other end perhaps?
   20:25:21	TemptorSent:	Okay, sounds good.
   20:26:15	TemptorSent:	I need to figure out what's up with the ipv6 routing internally too.
   20:27:16	robe2_:	okay got it fix
   20:27:18	robe2_:	fixed
   20:27:22	robe2_:	just has to change to ldaps
   20:27:40	TemptorSent:	Weblate I have packaged up in an alpha state, so I'll put together a container for that as well.
   20:28:34	TemptorSent:	We'll probably want to setup replication on the postgresql instance associated with nextcloud at some point too.
   20:28:55	robe2_:	oh cool it shows me the list of all the groups we have in ldap
   20:29:43	TemptorSent:	Drone is already packaged, so that should also be straightforward, leaving github needing a bit of work to make a nice package for.
   20:30:27	robe2_:	TemptorSent well the good news is that after I added sac group to list
   20:30:35	robe2_:	I was able to log in with my LDAP account
   20:30:44	robe2_:	the bad news is that I got an internal server error
   20:30:54	robe2_:	The server was unable to complete your request. If this happens again, please send the technical details below to the server administrator. More details can be found in the server log. Technical details Remote Address: Request ID: JHsDo4at2rWwFUVXYi4V
   20:31:05	TemptorSent:	*lol* Okay, let's see what the log says.
   20:31:48	robe2_:	while you are looking at that next topic -
   20:31:57	TemptorSent:	:"Configuration Error (prefix ): login filter does not contain %uid place holder."
   20:32:08	robe2_:	FOSS4G2018 on wordpress
   20:32:14	robe2_:	ah okay let me fix that
   20:32:35	TemptorSent:	Needs the uid to bind as :)
   20:33:46	robe2_:	hmm added that no error
   20:33:53	robe2_:	but keeps on saying I have wrong log in
   20:34:05	robe2_:	It's possible I forgot my password. Want to try logging in
   20:34:52	TemptorSent:	"message":"LDAP Login: Could not get user object for DN uid=robe,ou=people,dc=osgeo,dc=org. Maybe the LDAP entry has no set display name attribute?"
   20:35:18	TemptorSent:	I think you want dn=%uid for that filter
   20:36:42	robe2_:	hmm I changed that though I may have a typo elsewhere
   20:36:59	robe2_:	originally I was just using the gui and then tried to edit the query
   20:37:03	robe2_:	I'll fuss with it later
   20:37:28	TemptorSent:	Okay.
   20:37:44	robe2_:	on the topic of FOSS4G2018 anyone here from the LOC for that?
   20:38:07	TemptorSent:	Logs are in /srv/localhost/www/htdocs/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log
   20:38:20	robe2_:	anyway my plan is to setup wordpress on web18a with the root template used by - I should get to that this weekend
   20:39:41	robe2_:	next topic wiki ldap
   20:40:02	robe2_:	TemptorSent btw good to see you and MartinSpott trying to work together on that
   20:40:23	robe2_:	not as much fun to watch as you two fighting but :)
   20:40:50	TemptorSent:	As discussed with Martin a bit earlier, the sanest approach is to force wiki users to login with osgeo credentials and migrate their old account
   20:40:58	wildintellect:	+1
   20:41:03	TemptorSent:	*lol*
   20:41:25	wildintellect:	though make sure they can provide the password to their old account, so that people can't grab other people's wiki accounts
   20:41:26	cvvergara:	I wonder how many have a wiki account but not an OSGeo account
   20:41:31	TemptorSent:	We can probably simply update the usernames in the database for all unmigrated users to prevent any conflicts as well.
   20:41:45	robe2_:	cvvergara I suspect many
   20:41:47	wildintellect:	cvvergara, see the email thread on that, it's a lot
   20:41:55	TemptorSent:	Right, they'd have to log in to their old wiki credentials after logging in with their osgeo credentials.
   20:42:36	robe2_:	so we can just put a note on the page if you don't have an osgeo account, go here ...
   20:42:47	TemptorSent:	We might pull the list of active emails from the wiki to whitelist for osgeo account signup.
   20:42:55	robe2_:	I wonder if we can at least show them the mantra
   20:42:56	wildintellect:	do we have to migrate/update users at all - unclear on how the LDAP integration works, but I assumed it linked to existing accounts, and we just disable the non-LDAP way of logging in
   20:43:07	robe2_:	so we are not inundated with people emailing asking for mantra code
   20:43:50	TemptorSent:	Ideally, we'd keep ldap as the authoritative account backend.
   20:44:05	TemptorSent:	And we should be able to add a whitelist of emails easily to that script.
   20:44:19	TemptorSent:	if it's in the list, skip the mantra requirement.
   20:44:55	robe2_:	also it could be a lot of those folks with only wiki accounts are fly-by folks
   20:45:08	robe2_:	a lot had to register to sign up for FOSS4G Events
   20:45:17	robe2_:	so they may have needed wiki access one time only
   20:45:17	TemptorSent:	If we don't migrate the users, we end up loosing authorship.
   20:45:52	robe2_:	TemporSent ? but that would be the person that created the page right?
   20:45:54	TemptorSent:	Fair enough, but if they want to sign up for the osgeo account, no reason to not whitelist them, as they're unlikely to be spammers at that point.
   20:46:07	robe2_:	I suspect most folks that created the page have OSGeo LDAP accounts
   20:46:25	robe2_:	it's those folks putting their name on the list of some event that I think we can afford to lose
   20:46:42	TemptorSent:	robe2_ - Right, but if we don't migrate the existing wiki users to merge with the ldap accounts, we'll have no authorship info once people log in with just ldap
   20:46:47	robe2_:	so even if the history for those is orphaned, I don't think its a huge deal
   20:47:04	TemptorSent:	its the entire history that we lose.
   20:47:30	robe2_:	? You mean we have to map all users? even those that don't have ldap accounts?
   20:47:35	TemptorSent:	To avoid namespace conflicts, we can't have existing accounts names and new ldap user account names match.
   20:47:45	robe2_:	we can't just say joeblow == anonymous :)
   20:47:57	robe2_:	or legacy user
   20:48:21	robe2_:	some dummy catchall ldap account we setup to map all that don't have accounts
   20:48:41	TemptorSent:	No, we need to do something like joeblow -> __old__joeblow
   20:48:45	wildintellect:	I think this is why I was thinking about just associating LDAP with wiki accounts
   20:49:03	robe2_:	wildintellect I'm fine with that
   20:49:11	TemptorSent:	The fix is simple enough, it just requires doing thigns in the right order.
   20:49:16	wildintellect:	the example I'm thinking of is when you use google or facebook to login to some other service, but you have to have an account on that service to begin with
   20:49:25	robe2_:	I was thinking if I looked at the mediawiki database I could figure out how to auto update them all like I did with wordpress
   20:49:34	TemptorSent:	That will be a disaster to keep track of I'm afraid.
   20:49:57	robe2_:	for wordpress I just pulled the whole ldap directory, first match by user name, then email address if user name failed and then various permutations of other things
   20:50:10	TemptorSent:	Let's not do that, please.
   20:50:31	wildintellect:	I agree that's not likely to work in this case
   20:50:37	TemptorSent:	That's a good way to end up with a very confusing error situation.
   20:50:55	TemptorSent:	1 - ALL logins are OSGeo LDAP logins.
   20:50:57		* robe2_ doesn't understand why it wouldn't for a first pass, but okay
   20:51:13	wildintellect:	I could see first pass if name/email both match
   20:51:22	robe2_:	yah that's what I would do
   20:51:31	TemptorSent:	2 - Users with existing accounts can provide those credentials once they're already logged in to OSGeo to migrate.
   20:51:37	robe2_:	I would definitely not match if there is some ambiguity
   20:51:38	cvvergara:	I wonder whats my name
   20:51:55	cvvergara:	and I think I have one account to one e-mail and the other to another
   20:52:00	TemptorSent:	That way all usernames end up reflecting the same regardless of where.
   20:52:23	robe2_:	TemptorSent but we have to eventually get to a point of all matched right? or no we can live in limbo forever?
   20:52:26	TemptorSent:	Only unmigrated users would have mismatched names, and you can't log in to those.
   20:52:43	robe2_:	That's my only concern with letting users proactively link themselves
   20:52:45	TemptorSent:	We can leave unmigrated accounts unmigrated and disabled for login.
   20:52:59	wildintellect:	question, what happens when an unmigrated user is blocking a valid username by squatting a name?
   20:53:15	TemptorSent:	Thats why we'd want to bulk-rename users
   20:53:23	wildintellect:	I see
   20:53:32	TemptorSent:	Just prefix them with a tag.
   20:54:04	TemptorSent:	oldaccnt_ or some such
   20:54:36	robe2_:	TemptorSent so first pass, rename all accounts to oldacct_oldname
   20:54:39	TemptorSent:	I would recommend doing this as part of a migration to an updated wikimedia instance
   20:54:43	robe2_:	then force people to log in with the ldap
   20:54:49	TemptorSent:	Correct robe2_
   20:54:56	robe2_:	how do they know which one to merge if we have renamed them?
   20:55:11	wildintellect:	they would type in the name they remember
   20:55:16	robe2_:	presumably after we rename, they can't log in with the renamed
   20:55:19	wildintellect:	we add the prefix in our code
   20:55:25	TemptorSent:	Because they provide their old credentials and we rewrite it with the new oldacct_ tag
   20:55:28	robe2_:	oh okay
   20:55:47	cvvergara:	so I would be oldaccnt_cvvergara?
   20:55:53	TemptorSent:	Yep.
   20:55:57	wildintellect:	yes but you wouldn't need to know that
   20:56:12	robe2_:	yep but you'd still log in as cvvergara but be forced to relogin with your ldap
   20:56:20	TemptorSent:	And we'd want to block logins to those prefixed accounts and force osgeo login.
   20:56:51	TemptorSent:	That prevents namespace collisions
   20:57:08	wildintellect:	well write up this plan from start to finish, with all the steps required, then we can ask the mediawiki specialist with the UserMerge plugin how to implment
   20:57:47	TemptorSent:	See notes on the bug.
   20:57:55	robe2_:	okay next topic osgeo website
   20:57:59	robe2_:	ping jive[m]
   20:58:04	cvvergara:	So, after I relogin with ldap, the oldaccnt_cvvergara gets merged?
   20:58:31	robe2_:	cvvergara yap
   20:58:58	TemptorSent:	cvvergara After you login with ldap for the first time, you'd get a screen asking you for old credentials to merge if you have an existing account.
   20:59:33	TemptorSent:	That takes care of people with different usernames on the old wiki vs ldap
   20:59:58	robe2_:	I was going to play devils advocate, but I fear this meeting will never end if I do that so I'll skip
   21:00:14	robe2_:	okay jive[m] is not hear
   21:00:16	TemptorSent:	Go for it, let's screw things up before we screw thigns up.
   21:00:17	robe2_:	here
   21:00:30	cvvergara:	so next topic, there was a geoforall meeting
   21:00:45	robe2_:	what if strk's account is not claimed and I claim his as mine, how does that work?
   21:01:00	TemptorSent:	robe2_ You'd need his username AND password.
   21:01:02	robe2_:	but we are on geoforall now :)
   21:01:16	robe2_:	TemptorSent okay that answers that :)
   21:01:16	cvvergara:	and jive[m] and me went there ...
   21:01:39	cvvergara:	There is this document: (I pasted the link of the directory in the agenda)
   21:02:55	cvvergara:	Looks like the way its working now is "too complicated"
   21:03:11	robe2_:	cvvergara that document is too long for me to read :)
   21:03:34	cvvergara:	there is a wiki page that had the labs and they want to simplify the process
   21:03:59	wildintellect:	What do they need from SAC?
   21:04:42	cvvergara:	actually from what I heard, they have budget and they are going to ask get_interactive to do the work
   21:04:47	robe2_:	wildintellect my thoughts too :)
   21:05:04	robe2_:	cvvergara so they don't need sac right?
   21:05:27	robe2_:	although I guess we should be somewhat involved
   21:05:32	wildintellect:	is geoforall going into the osgeo site, or maintaining their geoforall site?
   21:05:37	cvvergara:	but then, get_interactive might modify the wordpress
   21:05:53	robe2_:	then we don't end up with silly things like we had last time with ancient version of mysql and php and non-utf8 database
   21:05:59	cvvergara:	yeah, they want that wildintellect (so I understood)
   21:06:34	wildintellect:	well we can tell get_interactive about those mistakes, to get them corrected
   21:06:38	robe2_:	I think geoforall is a subsection of osgeo wordpress like?
   21:06:41	robe2_:	right
   21:06:59	robe2_:	wildintellect well I mentioned that already to them so I think it's okay
   21:07:15	TemptorSent:	Hmm, if it's tied to the main wp, this could get "interesting"
   21:07:16	robe2_:	there was the issue of the proprietary plugins that you and strk are still angry about :)
   21:07:18	wildintellect:	should it be? if they want their own brand - but also from a maintainence standpoint do we want all that code in one site or two?
   21:07:37	cvvergara:	so maybe just keep an eye wen they want to do PR to the wordpress repo
   21:07:56	wildintellect:	I'm only annoyed about not knowing upfront about the plugins, when I specifically asked what plugins were required, the reply was none
   21:08:46	TemptorSent:	This really looks like it should live in it's own little space, not part of the rest of the site...
   21:08:48	wildintellect:	in this case I'm wondering if the code will get overly complicated with geoforall inside the main osgeo
   21:08:49	robe2_:	wildintellect yah that's why I am seeing we should at least keep a cursory view of what they are doing
   21:09:05	robe2_:	saying
   21:09:10	wildintellect:	+1
   21:09:29	wildintellect:	cvvergara, do you want to the be the SAC liason to this project?
   21:09:32	robe2_:	as to whether geoforall should be it's own site I don't know.
   21:09:50	cvvergara:	geoforall right now has its own site:
   21:09:52	robe2_:	+1 for cvvergara being SAC liaison :)
   21:09:54	TemptorSent:	Not necessarily it's own site, but a containerized little portion.
   21:09:54	wildintellect:	I think the dns migration is still stuck
   21:10:03	cvvergara:
   21:10:05	sigabrt:	Title: OSGeo Labs - Mission - "Making geospatial education and opportunities accessible to all" (at
   21:10:15	robe2_:	BTW I think we had given get interactive sudo access to the server and we can if they don't have it
   21:10:26	robe2_:	I'm not sure if we always want to be in the middle of everything they are doing
   21:10:45	wildintellect:	they shouldn't be doing much now, the contract for the main site is mostly over
   21:10:53	TemptorSent:	Hmm, can we setup lxd on that server and just give them a container?
   21:11:01	cvvergara:	they have some budget, I think they will use
   21:11:04	robe2_:	oh so geoforall does have it's own website :)
   21:11:11	wildintellect:	currently yet
   21:11:13	wildintellect:	yes
   21:11:31	wildintellect:	hence why I'm confused where this new site is supposed to be
   21:11:53	TemptorSent:	Likewise, I'm a bit lost as to what the intent is here.
   21:12:06	strk:	sorry I'm back but not here yet
   21:12:09	cvvergara:	I think its to put all their stuff on OSGeo site
   21:12:11	robe2_:	skimming thru the docs looked like it was intended to be a subdirectory of main or cvvergara did I read that wrong
   21:12:17	cvvergara:	but I will figure out
   21:12:31	wildintellect:	cvvergara, yes please clarify
   21:12:56	robe2_:	next topic board request for mail boxes
   21:13:04	wildintellect:	that just seems silly to give up the branding they've made so far
   21:13:18	TemptorSent:	It almost looks like it's requesting the ability to link to new labs? I'm really lost on that proposal.
   21:13:30	robe2_:	wildintellect agree yah I thought they spent a lot of time on that branding
   21:14:00	wildintellect:	so email, I think the immediate need was met on the by using the reply_to function on a gmail account
   21:14:20	wildintellect:	long term I can see why the board officers want actual email boxes they can pass on to their replacements
   21:14:27	robe2_:	wildintellect that was my conclusion too reading netler's dialog
   21:14:40	robe2_:	delawen[m] any comments on the topic?
   21:16:08	robe2_:	next topic and hopefully last alternate times for meetings
   21:16:34	wildintellect:	Martin above suggested Sat night US, Sun morning EU
   21:16:36	robe2_:	MartinSpott said weekend work's best for him. I'm okay with that
   21:16:46		* cvvergara goto go
   21:17:19	wildintellect:	it's hit or miss for me, weekdays I can do meetings on work time (GeoForAll Lab afterall)
   21:17:29	TemptorSent:	What's his TZ UTC+3?
   21:17:42	wildintellect:	I think so, Germany?
   21:18:46	TemptorSent:	I'm -7, but anyone in wester eu is in the middle of the night at a reasonable time for both US and Germany.
   21:19:25	robe2_:	I'm -4 at moment
   21:20:10	TemptorSent:	0400 UTC perhaps?
   21:20:10	robe2_:	ping strk did you get back yet?
   21:21:24	wildintellect:	If EU are willing to get up early something like this could work
   21:21:25	sigabrt:	Title: The World Clock Meeting Planner - Details (at
   21:22:03	wildintellect:	1 hour later would also be ok for me, but push East coast US to 1 am
   21:22:09	TemptorSent:	Yeah, that's as reasonable as I could come up with.
   21:22:37	robe2_:	MartinSpott really wants to get up at 6AM? Crazy man
   21:22:50	robe2_:	mignight is pretty perfect for me
   21:23:08	robe2_:	1 AM is workable for me too
   21:24:49	wildintellect:	no idea, but we can offer that
   21:25:12	TemptorSent:	0400 or 0500 UTC
   21:25:44	wildintellect:	is that too early for strk ?
   21:26:21	robe2_:	hmm I completely blanked out what strk's schedule is you'd think I'd know it by heart by now
   21:26:37	robe2_:	I think it should be fine
   21:26:48	robe2_:	cause when I'm on at 1AM I recall him being wide awake
   21:27:09	wildintellect:	ok, so post that suggested time for the next meeting, and get feedback on the list
   21:27:11	cvvergara:	if robe2_is awalke I am awake
   21:27:18	robe2_:	but then again can't remember if that's during the week or weekends
   21:27:30	strk:	robe2_: I'm back
   21:28:22	strk:	sitting on the dock of the bay (I'm listening to the rearshal recordings)
   21:30:44	robe2_:	strk what time works for you for meeting
   21:30:50	robe2_:
   21:30:51	sigabrt:	Title: The World Clock Meeting Planner - Details (at
   21:30:52	robe2_:	does that work
   21:31:16	robe2_:	cvvergara doesn't sleept
   21:31:22	robe2_:	sleept/ sleep
   21:31:52	cvvergara:	robe2_ doesnt sleep either
   21:32:12	robe2_:	though I thought Martin said Sunday morning
   21:32:25	wildintellect:	well we are suggesting compromises
   21:32:32	robe2_:	why did we do Saturday EU?
   21:32:41	wildintellect:	Fri US is better for me
   21:32:51	wildintellect:	there are lots of Sat I would miss
   21:33:04	robe2_:	okay
   21:33:20	robe2_:	sounded like he might be okay any weekend just sunday preferred
   21:33:25	wildintellect:	but ask on the list, if more people want the Sat/Sun time that might be ok
   21:33:38	robe2_:	ping strk thoughts
   21:33:58	robe2_:	strk and sorry we couldn't hold out for you on the LDAP / Wiki thing
   21:34:20	robe2_:	TemptorSent is going to draft up the plan on that and he and Martin will work together to make it happen :)
   21:34:24	strk:	did the mediawiki guy show up ?
   21:34:29	robe2_:	strk no
   21:34:54	TemptorSent:	No, but we can summarize what we need easily enough.
   21:34:55	strk:	he said there might or might not be an API, but eventually a script could submit web forms (to automate merging of users)
   21:35:14	strk:	don't wait for me for timing meetings
   21:35:17	strk:	just do it
   21:35:25	strk:	if I'll be able to attend I will
   21:35:35	strk:	but I'm trying to live more of a off-grid life
   21:35:52	strk:	(said the guy on a chat line at 23:30...)
   21:36:04	TemptorSent:	:)
   21:36:04	robe2_:	off-grid like no internet off-grid -- living in the woods with a pee hole off-grid :)
   21:36:47	strk:	off-grid like playing trumpet instead of keyboard
   21:37:00	wildintellect:	off-key
   21:37:08	strk:	that too :)
   21:37:17	robe2_:	strk at the very least have a mobile phone with you in case you need a human voice are start getting chased by wild animals and need to call for help
   21:38:34	robe2_:	okay guess that's it for meeting. Only took us 1 hr and 38 minutes but at least we got thru the list
   21:52:53	TemptorSent:	See comments at bottom of:
   21:52:54	sigabrt:	Title: #165 (Wiki LDAP integration) – OSGeo (at
   21:54:47	TemptorSent:	robe2_ Let me know if you run into any snags on the ldap ssh front. I theoretically have it all setup and ready, it just needs the config options enabled and the key schema added.
   21:55:24	robe2_:	okay will do
   21:55:35	robe2_:	probably won't get to it before weekend