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The project Mapbender has requested for legal advice regarding its mascot (see below). There is some uncertainty whether the project could be accused on copyright infringement of the character "Bender" of the series "Futurama". It is the opinion of the project that such advice should be given by OSGeo, if requested.

Please observe that the logo itself has not been copied into this website bor on the hardware where it is hosted but only linked from the project page.

The Logo has been created from a photo of a mod case and post processed with Gimp to look the way it does now so it is regarded to be an individual work of art, not a verbatim copy of the know "Futurama" character "Bender". In that case it must be possible to adopt this figure as mascot of the project and display publicly on a web site legally.

--Seven 19:13, 16 March 2007 (CET)