Tenth VisCom Meeting Minutes

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This meeting was entirely via IRC (IRC log) on August 17th, 2006, from 15:00 to 16:00 UTC. Present were Michael Gerlek (chair), Tyler (scribe), Arnulf Christl, Lisa Landers, Aaron Racicot.

Agenda was: http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Tenth_VisCom_Meeting

We covered "new" business", and also scrubbed out a lot of the "old" business. Action items are in bold. Minutes are organized by subject, not chronologically.

New Business

  • Michael moved to add Venka as member of committee
    • Seconded by Arnful, all were in favour
    • [TODO] add Venka to members list [done -mpg]
  • Introduction to Lisa Landers, Autodesk marketing
    • She has time to help with OSGeo, has marketing/event and non-profit background and can help with guidance around event planning
    • [TODO] she will put together a set of documents as a help/guidebook that we can refer to if we want to learn more about event management/marketing, serving as a standard operating procedure for planning events.
    • Lisa is Autodesk coordinator for MapAsia conference
    • Suggested that Viscom to choose/identify which conferences to support for the upcoming year... discuss on mailing list. [added to ToDo list -mpg]
  • Event Handling
    • Michael introduces idea of having a specific group for handling event management side of viscom.
    • It's unclear whether we have enough people to fork. The idea is not to fork but to have two specific focuses.
    • The idea is to help focus on some of the non-event tasks better.
    • Discussed to spread the even planning load (especially international)
    • Maintain assigning event owner for each event.
    • We need to keep aiming to have local contact to help lead organisation
  • Hawaii Event
    • As brought up by Frank W on mailing list
    • [TODO] mpg to post idea to discuss list and give general invite to folks to participate/take lead. [added to ToDo list -mpg]
    • Frank W. adds that Ben Disco did express interest in attending. Some coordinatation with him would be good.
  • Incubation Support
    • Discussing collateral needs for projects that are graduating from incubation
    • Arnulf suggests projects should have a presentation for graduation
    • [TODO] mpg to follow up on inccom grad. needs/ideas [done -mpg]
  • Prototype web site replace discussion
    • mpg, arnulf are keen to move to the new site
    • Tyler explains that another week is needed before site is moved off a development server
  • Events Page and Library
    • [TODO] mpg to fix/clean up events page on wiki and then do parallel process in drupal as a test process [added to ToDo list -mpg]
    • ongoing item...
  • Shirts and Business Cards
    • Michael wants to help organise this more
    • Discussed individual members who want shirts, and vips that he owes shirts to, plus all the events that are happening.
    • How many shirts needed for upcoming euro events?
    • Lisa requests 10-20 shirts specifically for map asia
    • [TODO] to start getting invite and ordering process in motion
    • Tyler notes we have a paypal account (now <a href="mailto:paypal@osgeo.org">paypal@osgeo.org</a>)
    • [TODO] Tyler to follow up with funcom on how the paypal account could start to be used more generally
    • [TODO] Michael to review abilities to use landsend for individual orders [done -mpg]
  • Booth Upgrade/Budget item
    • Discussed need for buying a booth to be shipped around to events
    • Decided to handle it on an event-to-event basis.

Old Business

  • OSCON Feedback...
    • Aaron and Lisa discussed their observations
    • There was good attendance and visibility
    • 20-25 at bof
    • difficult talking while folks trying to hunt for particular brochures..
    • table placement was improved from where 2.0
    • #1 recurring question... "where is postgis in this?" : )
    • awesome booth placement.. only cost $60k to get it (Autodesk sponsorship)
    • conference in general was really inviting, good quality sessions
    • black booth wasn't the best.. hard to catch eye
    • some booth layout could be improved to be even more inviting
    • Need to software demos available for every project
    • Casual talking outside booth was all positive (Lisa observed)
    • [TODO] Lisa to follow up with ZDNet re: intereview at OSCON