Third VisCom Meeting Minutes

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The third meeting was held May 11th, 2006. The agenda can be found at Third_VisCom_Meeting.

The meeting was held via conf call, lasting a bit over an hour. mpg ran the meeting, as Arnulf was again stuck on a train somewhere.

Attendees: Tyler, mpg, Daniel, Peter, Chris, Alain


For Where 2.0, we need an answer right away:

  • we will just use "[The] Open Source Geospatial Foundation" as an interim motto
  • Peter to use Autodesk resources to help with this

For long-term, we will do some winnowing and voting:

  • VisCom folk get 5 unique votes, to get list down to managable size (top 10 or so)
  • list gets approved by board
  • general membership votes (one vote each)
  • Daniel the VoteMaster to coordinate all this

Committee Membership

Agreed the list on the main VisCom page is now correct.

(Chris and Tyler formed some sort of virtual voting bloc...)

From here on, new members must be voted in, etc, etc.

The TODO List Page

The old TODO page is now obsolete:

  • items 1-3 need Arnulf; mpg will fold into agenda for next meeting
  • items 4-5 are now obsolete and can just slip quietly away into the good night, per Tyler

Marketing Team

Peter now has a page up describing the Press Release Process. Template is underway, which will make the process seem less daunting to potential submitters.

Marketing Team otherwise completely occupied with Where stuff, which deserves a separate heading.

Where 2.0

Lots of talk about the Where show: this is sort of turning into OSGeo's launch event...

Peter is meta-coordinator for this, and will post notes separately.

Highlights I noted:

  • Tyler volunteered herd together "project" handouts, including template for same
  • the BOF idea is in, the Hospitality Suite idea is out (note we did not discuss BOF owner, speakers -- mpg to put on next agenda)
  • press conference idea is in
    • suggested we do a "developer roundtable" with 3-4 folk discussing various Issues
    • suggested we get an exec-level and/or business type in there too
    • mpg to coordinate for now (though he may not be attending...)
    • Peter to get mpg whatever details we have on this
    • cholmes also interested in this

Library Team

mpg reports good contributions already, more in pipeline.

Press Coverage

mpg would like to see an article about us published in a dead-tree magazine -- preferably written by the magazine, but by us if we had to. mpg will own this in the background. Chris registered some degree of interest here also.

Bug Tracking

Agreed we should use CollabNet's bug tracking mechanism.

We will use this to review "open issues" as part of our regular agenda; Daniel to provide us some custom queries and whatnot.

Next Meetings

We will meet next Thursday (May 18th) for a special session dedicated to Where issues.

Our next regular meeting will be in two weeks, same time and number and channel.