Thirteenth VisCom Meeting Minutes

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Attending: mpg, tyler, LisaL, Arnulf/Seven, Nathalie

  • discussions of current logo versions
    • work well underway, now finalizing final base logo style and colors
    • (for details, see mailing list or [here])
  • intro of Nathalie from Autodesk
  • discussion of Autodesk U. event status
    • Autodesk helping out here
    • Tyler likely to attend
    • free passes being distributed, booth coverage, etc
  • mpg is going to start doing a monthly report/email from VisCom to the general membership
  • discussion of event planning
    • Arnulf to be event list editor
    • policy guidelines we're thinking of:
      • 1st axis: there are Big Tier events (FOSS4G, Where, OSCon, etc) and Small Tier events (local community groups, niche GIS segments, etc)
      • 2nd axis: free/expensive -- some events we will get sponsorship for, others OSGeo will cover directly
      • 3rd axis: target domain (geographic region, specialty GIS groups, etc)
      • 4th axis: return on investment
    • we will continue to ponder all this
    • mpg to get summary thoughts down on the wiki