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The 24rd board meeting has been tentatively scheduled for the 2nd of February at 16:00 UTC (fixedtime), by phone and IRC (#osgeo) at the same time.

Communication will use the new Conference Call facilities.


  • Appoint meeting secretary
  • Review and approve Twenty Third Board Meeting minutes
  • Consider motion to form New Mexico USA local chapter of OSGeo (letter).
  • Consider motion to form Italian chapter of OSGeo (request & hot discussions).
  • Review financial report.
  • Discuss plans for board elections.
  • Discuss plans for additional charter membership.
  • Discuss plans for corporate bylaws.


These are the minutes of the 24th meeting of the OSGeo Board of Directors held February 2nd, 2007, 08h00 PST.

  • Board members present: Frank Warmerdam, Jo Walsh, Markus Neteler, Arnulf Christl, Mark Lucas
  • Others present: Tyler Mitchell,
  • Appoint meeting secretary
    • Tyler doing up minute notes

  • Consider motion to form New Mexico USA local chapter of OSGeo (letter).
    • Lots of discussion around purpose of local chapter and that local chapter could provide some of infrastructure needs they mention in their application
    • Discussion of how to proceed with approving local chapters
    • To provide feedback to NM application group, request for them to do the following:
    • Motion defer to next meeting
    • Tyler to follow up with NM group to further discuss
    • Board is generally supportive of the idea, just wants to clarify a few points and get the idea out in the open

  • Consider motion to form Italian chapter of OSGeo (request & hot discussions).
    • Discussion included some questions from arnulf, in particular whether this chapter wants to have companies as members and how this relates to OSGeo's official position on corporate members.
    • Markus brings up points of confusion in Italian discussions, as many people are involved and there are many opinions:
      • is being turned into a legal 'association'
      • In 1-2 weeks there is a GFOSS meeting in Palermo to discuss and start this process for starting a chapter
    • Markus recommends defering decision on local Italian Chapter until after GFOSS changes have settled.
    • Consensus to defer to future meetings

  • Review financial report.
    • General discussion around report, compiled by Tyler
    • Gary not available for discussion or comment, need to finalise the report when he has had a chance to review it
    • Discussion focused on how much detail, i.e. down to bank statement level, to be posting publicly. Deferring to Gary for future discussion.
    • Venka had a correction to report: $1000 donation was sent to GIS-IDEAS 2006 conference not MapAsia

  • Discuss plans for board elections.
    • Question about board election procedures and timing, should they be in bylaws/charter, questions about how other foundation models
    • No specific plan for how to hold the elections, etc has been proposed. Frank is preparing one that can then be debated more broadly.
    • Discussing whether election process and timing should be part of bylaws. No clear answer.
    • TODO: Frank draft up potential processes for elections, etc. of board and charter members
    • TODO: Jo review how these could be handled with bylaws
    • Then open up discussion broadly to membership for guidance
    • Jo notes that FOSS Foundations meeting will discuss these topics

  • Discuss plans for additional charter membership.
    • Discussed above

  • Discuss plans for corporate bylaws.
    • Discussed above

  • New business
    • Arnulfs wonders what we are doing about OSGeo's first birthday
    • Jo brought up questions about a Postgresql meeting, and their interest in OSGeo representations. Jo forwarding link to group.
    • Frank brought up question for potentially sponsoring some media to come to FOSS4G event,
      • In particular someone well know like Adena. Including some funding to help.
      • Mark suggests to focus on new or very large media splashes .. what we might not have received otherwise
      • Some discussion about having a foundation-level media sponsor
      • TODO: frank to bring up media funding discussion with viscom
    • OSSIM project is interested in moving to OSGeo infrastructure
    • Discussion of systems help process...
      • Shawn no longer full time for osgeo tasks.. only 10%,
      • Funnel tickets through Trac and assign to SAC
      • SAC has workflow questions/issues to still hammer out

  • Mark makes motion to close meeting, Jo seconds, all were in favour, meeting adjorned 08h55 PST.