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Udig round the world - code sprint

There's a plan afoot to take a couple of days to do a code sprint on uDig trunk (aka 1.2). Since doing the sprint in one place is too much to organize, plan and fund, the idea is to spend the time working on IRC. The goal is to push uDig trunk towards stability since it uses newer versions of GeoTools and Eclipse which have fixed many bugs and provide more capabilities.

There is a strong desire to prepare the code sprint with a bug festival. The bug fest would use a new release of uDig and try to break it in as many ways as possible and file those bugs. The code sprint could then aim to triage the bugs, pick areas that need work, and clean that code to fix the bugs.

This event was born out of this email thread: http://lists.refractions.net/pipermail/udig-devel/2008-December/013591.html

This code sprint will take place mostly in IRC via udig's IRC channel.

Proposed Contributor Commitment

  • 1. Create uDig 1.2(trunk-test) distros for OSX PPC & x86, XP & Vista, and Linux. These are needed for user testing. Please Add your name to one/some/all of the following Operating systems if you are able to compile a usable uDig 1.2(trunk-test) for everyone else to download, install, test, and prepare bug reports accordingly. Please remember to post the d/l link(s) here.
    • A. OS X packager = (Volunteer?)
    • B. Windows packager = (Volunteer?)
    • C. Linux packager = (Volunteer?)

  • 2. Setup & configure test server/slices. The purpose of these servers are ot allow users the ability to install/configure server side services for use with uDig. Users who are interested will need to obtain ssh access, and should start by placing their name here( --Eric Jarvies, --Mark Leslie ). Also, please add to this list what you would like to see setup/configured on these slices, and of course, if you would like to help setup any of these server-side services, please request SSH acccess. Please list any and all server-side applications/services you would like to have running/working/available on the above mentioned test server:
    • A. Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Subversion/Trac(installed)
    • B. GeoServer(version #?)
    • C. PostgreSQL/PostGIS (version #'s?)
    • D. TileCache(version #?)
    • E. Ruby
    • F. Python
    • G. ???

Update: 2 slicehost.com slices(1GB each)/IPs are up and running, and have Apache, PHP, and MySQL installed. --Eric Jarvies, --Mark Leslie now have server access. If anyone else wishes to help setup various server-sided tools/resources for the purposes of users testing uDig against said types of server-sided services, please advise and we'll provide you with access accordingly. --Eric Jarvies.

  • 3. Content/data preparation/creation. Create a standard geo-dB set(Point, LineString, Polygon, MultiPoint, MultiLineString, MultiPolygon, and GeometryCollection), then serve this standard set on each of the following geometry-enabled services:
    • 1. MySQL
    • 2. PostgreSQL(PostGIS extension)
    • 3. IBM DB2
    • 3. Oracle Spatial
    • 4. SQL Server 2008

And then the same data output the following ways:

    • 1. dB direct(PostGIS, DB2, Oracle, and MySQL)
    • 2. WFS via GeoServer
    • 3. ?

As well as serving the above-mentioned geometry/data as WMS via Geoserver.

  • 4. Prior to the code sprint, we want to find all of the critical bugs, and many other bugs. uDig discussion about something that does not work, or works a certain incorrect or partial way, or anything else, please start posting those below:
    • A. Create a project, save it, restart udig with project. Move the project folder and reopen it.
    • B. Loading of data without prj
    • C. Selection of data and sorting in the table view
    • D. On OS X PPC/x86, when editing a PostgreSQL/PostGIS layer, changes are not saved after being committed, and a nasty loopy bug is introduced, requiring a restart of uDig.
    • E. Need to be able to adjust column width and rearrange columns, wherein user may exit table view, return to table view, without having those columns return to their previous state.
    • F. more...

Note: If you use the released uDig to go through the tutorials or other tests described above, but don't have time or know how to fix the wiki text of the tutorials and file JIRA tasks, please list issues you run into below. The wiki text can be fixed directly on the site of the tutorials if you have the right permissions. JIRA Tasks can be filed at: http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/UDIG.

  • 6. SDK Documentation?

  • 7. What is the top 10 list of uDig bugs that users would like to have stomped during this sprint? If a uDig Jira ticket exists for this bug, please link to it.
    • 1-
    • 2-
    • 3-
    • 4-
    • 5-
    • 6-
    • 7-
    • 8-
    • 9-
    • 10-

  • 8. What is the top 10 list of uDig enhancements that users would like to have added during this sprint? If a uDig Jira ticket exists for this enhancement/feature request, please link to it.
    • 1-
    • 2-
    • 3-
    • 4-
    • 5-
    • 6-
    • 7-
    • 8-
    • 9-
    • 10-

Note: Items from the above two lists will represent what is actually addressed/worked on during the 2-3 day code sprint in January.

  • Code sprint is tentatively scheduled for January 16th(Friday) through the 18th(Sunday).

Users pitch-in to purchase pizza for programmers whow will be working the 2-3 days during the sprint. Programmers, you should list your favorite pizza place here, along with their telephone number!

Committed Contributors

Name Contribution Type Operating System Components GUI
Andrea Antonello Rome Programming Linux & Windows Vista
Silvia Franceschi Rome Testing Linux & Mac OSX
Harry Bullen Programming
Ugo Taddei Testing & Programming Windows XP
Mauricio Pazos Bilbao Testing & Programming Linux
Aritz Davila Bilbao Testing & Programming Linux
Aitor Lertxundi Bilbao Testing Windows XP
Eric Jarvies Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico Server, Admin, Testing OS X PPC/x86 Will work on creating some Jira associations(as it relates to components) we can all use for reference use on Wiki Will work on uDig GUI examples(images and videos) suggesting layout and button improvements, feature and functionality improvement, and bugs in action.
Mark Leslie Host/Services Configuration
Emily Gouge Victoria Programming/Testing
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