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I am a GIS enthusiast and open source lover.

Programming and GIS:

1. Computing Experience: i. Operating Systems: Ubuntu 16.04, Windows 7 ii. Programming Languages: C++, Java, Python,Javascript, Matlab, SQL iii. Frameworks: Angular.js, Flask, Django iv. API: Google Maps , ArcGIS v. Tools: osm2pgrouting

2. GIS experience as a user:

As a part of my course in Geoinformatics I have been involved in a case study to perform an analysis of toposheets using GIS softwares. This case study involved full stack processing of provided data . I used the following softwares to perform the mentioned tasks :

QGIS and ESRI ArcGIS to georeference digitized toposheet. Perform watershed delineation and soil map classification using ArcGIS.

 As part of my curriculum in GIS, I performed following tasks:

Network analysis using Network Analyst in ArcGIS and pgRouting in QGIS.

     2. Write spatial queries in PostGIS. 
     3. Data interpolation using R.

3. GIS programming and other software programming:

As a project in first year, I have been the backend developer of an IOT based smart GIS application for managing efficient collection and disposal of garbage in my university IIT Bombay. Currently, i am working on a patent project of my Guide. An IOT based sensing device which measures various parameters of an agricultural land, this data acquired from the sensors is used to predict the health of crops. And various parameters like temperature, soil moisture etc are visualized for the farmers to interpret. Every deployed devices are displayed on a map.