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Hi!, I am a software developer using commercial and open source software to develop desktop GIS applications.

My main projects include to create applications to manage geographic information (Transform, analyze and visualize geographic data).

Code/Application Experience

C, C++, Win32, COM, CORBA, .NET, VBA, Visual Studio, Java, Eclipse.

MDL Microstation, ADS/ARX AutoCAD, MapObjects and ArcObjects of ESRI, OpenDWG, OpenGL, Mogre, Ogre.

GeoServer, GeoServer+WPS, gvSIG, QGIS, 52ºNorth SOS, AGOL...

Featured projects





Location: Pamplona-Iruña, Navarra, Spain.

Coordinates: -1.39, 42.48

Linkedin: Alvaro Huarte[1]

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