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Ashish Upadhyay is a GIS Manager in Indian Institute of Public Health – Gandhinagar. He holds a Master of Science in Geomatics from CEPT University, Faculty of Technology in Ahmedabad 2012. I also hold a Certificate Course on Remote Sensing Technology and its Applications including Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and GIS from National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA), Hyderabad, India in July to September. 2002. Before joining IIPHG in 2012, myself as a Research Associate playing the role of GIS Analyst and delivering courses of GIS and Remote Sensing and its applications in the CEPT University. Currently, I am working in the many international and national projects in the field of GIS, Remote Sensing, Space Science, Earth Science. My research interests are space science, earth science, geospatial coordination in government, public health, Health system studies, social implications of spatial data infrastructures and the use of geo-information in policy processes.