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Since February 2009 I am staff at OGC and Director European Services.
My work at OGC goes back to September 2006 when I first started to work for the Consortium on a part time basis as - Director Business Development - Europe [1].

End of December 2008 I quit my job at WhereGroup, where I was responsible for business development and marketing. Since mid 1998 I work in GIS and related subjects, I started at that time working for CCGIS. I first got in contact with Free Software in 2002, when CCGIS changed its business model towards Free and Open Source Software. Ever since then, I help explaining, what Free Software is all about and how people can get involved in the Open Source GIS community.

During the last years I was part of the organising team of the german-speaking community meetings (UMN MapServer User Meetings, Mapbender User Meeting, FOSSGIS 2006, FOSSGIS 2007).

Contact information:

Phone: +49 - (0)228 - 54 8899 42
mobile: +49 - (0)173 - 211 26 23
skype: athina.trakas

Heerstr. 162
53111 Bonn


Born and lived a long time in Nuertingen (about 40km southeast of Stuttgart, my german roots) I now live and work in Bonn. My roots in Greece are in Choumnikon! You don't know Choumnikon? Okay, Nighrita, Serres...