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Name: Chingchai Humhong Avatar of chingchai dot h at gmail dot com
Job Title: Student
Company: Naresuan University
Address: Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand
City: Mueang Phitsanulok
State: Phitsanulok, Thailand
Country: Thailand
Local Chapter: Thai
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Personal Description : chingchai humhong
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I am a master student of Geographic Information Science (GISci) at Naresuan University, Thailand. I studing at Dr.Sittichai Choosumrong laboratory and sometime I used to make a skype meeting with Prof.Venkatesh Raghavan laboratory at Osaka City University (OCU) in Japan to discusses and share about my works and OCU student works. I am working and doing my research based on Open Source Software using FOSS4G, Openlayers, MapServer ,GeoServer, pgRouting, GRASS, ZOO-Project etc. I had submitted my proposal title "Bringing pyModis to the web throught ZOO-Project" and it had been accepted on Google Summer of Code 2016. ( I also used to attend FOSS4G Thailand on December 2015 and now I am focusing only using FOSS4G on my works because FOSS4G is a very powerful tools for my project.