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I am a 58 years old (1954) Agronomist (Université de Montpellier, 1977) and Biologist (Université de Montpellier2, 1979), M.Sc. equiv. (Université Libre de Bruxelles, 1981) M.Sc. (University of California/Santa Cruz, 1984), and a Dr.rer.Nat. (Ph.D. equiv.) (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität; Freiburg, 1989).

For the last 35 years I worked on land-use planning, ecologic-economic zoning, rural development, and biodiversity conservation through international cooperation development programs and projects, in more than 20 countries. I live in Brazil since Nov. 1991, when I came working for the GTZ/KfW to assist the Brazilian Federal Government to implement the National Environmental Program (PNMA) Conservation Units component, and assist the German Cooperation contribution to other related projects (PPG7, etc.).

Since the early 80's I use GIS and remote sensing tools (I'm a UNIX die-hard guy) and, since GRASS was open sourced, I contribute, through the institutions and companies I manage or own, to open source geoapps development (mostly GRASS and QGIS; and we develop customized cadastral and land-use CMS using 100% Free Software for Municipal and State Governments since 1999).

You can find out a bit about my (our) work at:

- Instituto Ecos ( - quite a bit outdated... ) Instituto Ecos is always looking for project partners and funding opportunities (we already have funding from the World Bank, European Commission, UNEP, FAO, UNPD and FINEP). Instituto Ecos is listed as an OSGeo Service Provider ( ).

- Vantimagem ( - a new company working on UAV/VANT development/construction/sales and operation, focuesd on airborne remote sensing... this is my new adventure... toy... which has already a hugh hyperspectral imaging project to be executed in the Amazon Region by the end of 2012 - image processing will be performed mostly with open source tools).

You can reach me through

info (at) institutoecos (dot) org (dot) br


info (at) vantimagem (dot) com (dot) br