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Hal Mueller -- independent Mac and iOS developer -- Seattle, Washington, USA



I'm an independent Mac and iOS developer, focusing on applications with a geographic angle. You can see some of my available iOS apps on the iTunes store.

I also teach introductory Mac programming through University of Washington's 30 week Certificate Program in Mac and iOS Development. I'm a founding member of the advisory board for that program.

I'm mainly a consumer of OSGeo, not a producer. My major use is in a ship tracking website,, which uses open source tools to collect, integrate, and map positions of ships, weather buoys, and recreational vessels worldwide. I also make heavy use of GDAL/OGR as supporting tools for my products.

Before jumping off as an independent, I was an environmental modeler, working on landscape-level simulations at Texas A&M University, and on regional and global scale simulations at the US EPA lab in Corvallis, Oregon. Along the way I worked on imaging radars at the Naval Research Lab, and as an independent PalmOS developer. I have a math degree from the University of Rochester.