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Name: Aditi Jain
Job Title: CEO
Company: GenWiz
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat
Country: India
Local Chapter: India
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Personal Description : Its a very good place with lots of historical monuments and a very developed and peaceful region.
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OSGeo User.png  OSGeo Committee.png  OSGeo Board.png  OSGeo Coder.png  OSGeo Translate.png   I am a GCI 2017 student, working on the 'Add yourself to the OSGeo Member Map task.' I am very passionate about computing and programming.I am a technology optimist and learner. I love to participate in tech-based competitions.I want to use technology for the development of my country and the welfare of humankind. So I started giving services through developing numerous apps.One of the app named 'Freebo' also won the Google Code to Learn Contest 2016. I love coding and I would continue to develop apps for the benefit of my nation.