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Name Jesper Larsson
Rsz 2front 1 color square.png
Job Title Cloud Engineer
Company constellr
Country Belgium
City Brussels
Coordinate 50.817294, 4.396557
Email jesper.larsson at constellr dot com
Social Media LinkedIn Profile
Languages Swedish, English, French
About Me I am a Swede based in Belgium, where I represent constellr, a new-space company currently developing a space-based thermal infrared monitoring solution. This will be done through a constellation of microsatellites, focusing on solving problems in a large range of domains, with the agriculture sector being a main focus.

These satellites will produce massive quantities of data, and therefore need a data platform that can meet the challenge. More specifically, I am part of a team developing the Operational Hyperspectral Data Store and Access platform (OHDSA): an open-source cloud native geospatial solution for large-scale data processing and access. The primary technical objective of this high-performance cloud-based system is to enable the efficient and secure acquisition, storage, distribution, and access of Earth observation data, including hyperspectral and thermal infrared imagery.

We are working with ESA on this project, and one of the main objectives is that this tool should come to benefit the community. To enable this, the project will be open-source, and feedback from the geospatial community will be integrated into the development roadmap. Your needs and use cases will be considered, through everything from the support of different data formats to alternative interfaces and tools for interacting with the data.

If you are interested in sharing your wishlist for such a platform, venting about your day-to-day geospatial struggles or simply having a friendly chat, I would be happy to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to me by email or Linkedin, and we'll take it from there :)

Profile last updated
June 2023