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Julia Wagemann

Job title Geospatial data consultant, PhD candidate / Visiting Scientist
Company Julia Wagemann Consulting, University of Marburg / ECMWF
City Rome
Personal description I am a geospatial data and systems expert, currently on a mission to make climate and meteorological data better accessible. I am very passionate about making open Earth data better accessible and moving away from pure download services to more on-demand cloud-based data services. My research focuses on how user-friendly, scalable data services can be set up based on cloud services and Big Data technologies.

I run tutorials and workshops, mainly on the interactive analysis of large volumes of Earth data, with open-source geospatial technologies and Jupyter notebooks, Python and R. I like to engage with data users and the geospatial data community. I run I was one of the main organisers of the OpenDataWeek @ECMWF in 2017. Currently, I am coordinating the online coding programme ECMWF Summer of Weather Code, which promotes the development of weather-related open-source software.