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Name: Jason Wong
Job Title:
City: Elizabeth
State: New Jersey
Country: United States
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Language(s): English
Personal Description : Hi there! I'm just a typical junior in New Jersey in an engineering school. Right now OSGeo is the one organization I've been focusing on. Cmon, it's an organization dedicated to map making. How cool is that!

I really loved fiddling around with topographic maps as a child, and this love for geography still lives on to this day as a deep personal interest of mine. Yes, call me a nerd for analyzing topographic and climate maps in encyclopedias because I had nothing to do. I have no shame in it, because it was something I found exciting as a child.

As of now I am studying to become an engineer. What field of engineering, I don't know! Only time will tell. For now I'll just do what I enjoy doing. Things I also do in school. Typical nerd stuff, like Math League and Science Olympiad and Robotics. Although, one thing I can say about myself is that I'm a great cook.
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