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EMMANUEL EVANCE is a technologist who works in Code for Africa's civic data lab at Code for Tanzania (CfT).

The lab pulls together software engineers, data analysts and data journalists to help local watchdog media and NGOs adopt cutting-edge new technologies ranging from drones and sensors, to forensic data analysis. The lab also incubates civic startups, including the IndexLab, Nukta

In addition to his local role, Emmanuel is the hardware lead at CfT leading the sensors africa initiative that seeks to address data gaps by providing low cost sensors, which people can use to measure and monitor the quality of the air and water in their communities.

Emmanuel shares his love of javascript as a DarJS co-organizer by organizing javascript community meetup every second Friday of the month at (CfT) lab.

Emmanuel is passionate about coding, coffee, DIY, good food and want's to be a front end architecture when he grows up