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I am researcher at The University of Edinburgh. I am currently working on a Map Generalisation project in collaboration with Ordnance Survey (GB). This basically involves derivation of small scale geographic concept (urban extents, forests, hills and ranges) representations directly from a large scale topographic database. I did a PhD and MSc in GIS from the University of Edinburgh in 2007, 2004 respectively.

I have been using open source GIS software for past few years. I extensively use JUMP, JTS and Geo-Tools for my research. My research interests are in

• Spatial Data Modelling • Spatial Data Structure – Explicit Topology, Voronio, Delaunay Triangulation etc • Spatial Algorithms – Clustering, Spatial Indexing etc • Spatial Reasoning – Descriptive Logic, Fuzzy classification etc

I am quite good in Java and SQL. Here to learn more about new developments in open source development and contribute in anyway I can.'