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Photo of Pmarc

Paulo E. P. Marcondes
- individual -

Who am I ?

I got my Geology degree in 2001, from the Universidade de São Paulo.
I've worked a bit with with GIS at the Brazilian Geological Survey during the 1:1M GIS Brasil project. I was mainly supporting a group of geologists with their database inputs.

I would like to see free software adopted everywhere. I don't dislike proprietary software per se, but the attitude it usually inspires.

What do I ?

Now, I am translating upstream GRASS to (brazilian) portuguese. You can see how I am doing here.

Working in the GRASS translation to portuguese (pt_br), somewhat involved (at least intelecutally) with Debian-GIS, involved in the local Debian User Group. My interests range from everything spatial to everything geospatial, GIS, GPS, Ham Radio, etc. I have a B.S. in Geology (2001) Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil. I currentlyt work in the oil industry in a non GIS area (reservoir geophysics), but plan migrating to the GIS arena in the near future, or at least incorporating some GIS tools in my environment. I'm also planning a M.S. in GIS sometime in the future (accepting suggestions).

Je parle un peut français aussi.

Where am I ?

Wish Lists

If you think I made something useful and want to retribute, take a look at one of the several wishlists I've set up: