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Riccardo Rigon Born in Vicenza (Italy), 020-02-1960 University of Trento

1. Essential Chronology

- Laurea: Master in Physics at Università degli Studi di Padova, March 25 1986 (110/110). The master thesis was: "Chiral anomalies and dimensional regularization in supersymmetric gauge theories. Advisor was prof. Mario Tonin.

- Grants: 1987/88 e 1988/89. Grant from the “Guido Donegani" Foundation of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (supervisor was Alessandro Marani Università degli Studi Ca’ Foscari, Venezia).

- Assistant Professor of Hydrology, from May 27, 1993 at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Trento (tenured after three years in 1996).

- Ph. D in Hydrodynamics: At the University of Padova (Trento), 1994 (VI ciclo), under the supervision of Andrea Rinaldo. The Ph.D. dissertation was about "Principle of self-organization in the evolutive dynamics of river networks" (in Italian).

- Coordinator of the research line on "Hillslope hydrology and geomorphology", of the Centro Universitario per la Difesa idrogeologica dell’Ambiente Montano (CUDAM), since 2002.

- Associate Professor of Hydrology, from January 2005 : at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Trento.

- Director of CUDAM, the Center of excellence of the University of Trento for Advanced Studies of the Environment of Mountain Areas, from January 2008

- Nominated President of the Water Platform of the Alpine Convention, November 2012 (for the mandate 2013-2014)

- Full Professor of Hydrology and Hydraulic Construction at the University of Trento, January 2016

2. Awards and Distinctions

• 1992. Arturo Parisatti Prize, awarded by the Istituto Veneto di Lettere Scienze ed Arti a Venezia (ITALIA) for a paper: “Is climate written into the form of channel networks ?” (in Italian)

• 1994-1998, Member of the "Surface Water" technical committee of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

• 1996-2000, Member of the "Non linear geophysics" committee of AGU.

• 2007 Representative for the university of Trento in the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic ScIence, Inc. (CUAHSI).

• President of the water platform of the Alpine Convention, 2013-2014

• Part of the Scientific Committee of CINID President of the water platform of the Alpine Convention, 2013-2014

3. Research

Rigon's research keywords: non linear geophysics, complex systems in hydrology, fractals in geophysics, distributed/process based modelling of hydrological processes, land-atmosphere interactions, snow and permafrost modelling, remote sensing of hydrological phenomena, GIS and visualization of hydrological and geomorphic processes, hydroinformatics for geosciences.

Rigon is coauthor of more than 120 papers of which 49 are journal papers, and some on conference proceedings, subjected to peer review and indexed by ISI and/or SCOPUS. He has edited a book, co-authored various e-books and many papers in proceedings and reports. Besides, he, with his collaborators, has produced several software packages and hydrological models (especially GEOtop and JGrass-NewAGE) and an entire free and open source GIS, JGrass, now being included in GVSig.

4. Research Achievements

Rigon is coauthor of:

• Papers where it is suggested that the shape of river networks is the result of optimization of energy dissipation and auto organization.

• Papers which assess the fractal structure of the spatial distribution of soil moisture (at least in some specific "dry" conditions).

• The theory of geomorphologic dispersion that quantifies the role of geomorphology in shaping hydrographs.

• Papers which pursue a new view of the soil moisture storage and in hillslopes and discusses the consequences on hillslopes’ stability.

• A distributed model of the hydrological cycle with coupled water and energy budgets called GEOtop ( which modernize the modelling blueprint of Freeze and Harlan.

• An Open Source GIS system, JGrass ( now to be included in gvSIG 2.3

• A semi-distributed model called JGrass-NewAge built upon the Object Modeling System (OMS) and integrated with the Spatial Toolbox of uDig which promotes a physico-statistical view of river basins hydrology.

• A very complete package of modelling solutions for performing hydrological analysis called “The Horton Machine" included in JGrasstools.

5. Addresses and References




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