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got my master's degree in Landscape Architecture in March 2011 at the University of Genoa, Faculty of Architecture. During my studies, I approached the use of Open Source GIS software applied to the environmental analysis and then I improved my knowledge taking part to training courses and an internship at Edmund Mach Foundation – Research and Innovation Centre, San Michele all'Adige, Trento, Italy). At the moment, I’m attending a Ph.D. course in Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering - Geodesy and Geomatic area at Politecnico of Milan. I’m strongly increasing my knowledge about Remote Sensing and Earth Observation data in GIS environment. My research project focuses on the study of Sentinel 2 images, their limits and potential applications with respect to the identification of plant species. In particular, I’m focusing on the evaluation of image quality considering the intrinsic errors due to atmosphere, orography and clouds which can affect further elaborations. I have already dealt with other preprocessing tasks like atmospheric and topographic corrections of Sentinel 2 images but to date, the clouds and shadows detection is the main topic of my research.