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Name: Tina Cormier Avatar of TinaACormier at gmail dot com
Job Title: Remote Sensing Scientist
Company: TellusLabs
City: Brunswick
State: ME
Country: United States
Local Chapter: North America
Instant Messaging:
Language(s): English; Spanish
Personal Description : Tina is a remote sensing scientist who uses satellite imagery to gain insights into critical challenges facing society, and open source software is central to the work that she does. She actively promotes open source through talks, community events (e.g., maptime), and social media, and she is now working with the OSGeo-Live project on R quickstarts as well as with the author of the lidR package to improve user friendliness. Sharing her open source experience has always been a part of her work as well; she has taught workshops in countries all over the world, from Peru to Nepal, as well as in her home country, the USA. Workshop topics have ranged from programming in R and using QGIS, to processing lidar with open source tools.
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