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Tom Chadwin
Author and maintainer of qgis2web, a QGIS plugin to create webmaps, I have worked for Northumberland National Park Authority for over twelve years, also spending time on secondment managing GIS and web joint working between all the UK National Parks. I have spoken at FOSS4GUK and regional QGIS user groups, and have made several (non-code) contributions to QGIS. I oversaw the migration of Northumberland National Park Authority from proprietary GIS to open source, and advocate its use whenever possible.
  • merged QGIS plugins to create qgis2web, to enable simple webmap creation without server-side software
  • presented qgis2web and QGIS plugin development at FOSS4GUK 2016
  • ran qgis2web workshop at FOSS4GUK 2016
  • ran qgis2web codesprint at FOSS4GUK 2016
  • presented qgis2web at inaugural QGIS northern England user group
  • live demoed qgis2web at QGIS Scotland user group
  • remotely demoed qgis2web at QGIS south east England user group
  • volunteered for FOSS4GUK 2018 committee (unconfirmed)
  • presented qgis2web at UK National Parks GIS 2016 conference