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Acted as resource person for National Institutes and in many National conferences related to Open Source GIS. Also acted as expert in hands-on training on QGIS for students of Geography, Spatial Information Technology and Civil engineering at various institutes in Indore. Promoting the use of open source GIS software and databases by imparting regular training to the post graduate students of Geology of Holkar Science College since last 5 years. Recently developed a Python plugin TopoSheet Number Calculator for QGIS on integration of SOI Toposheet numbering system utility in QGIS Software, which will be useful for researchers and officials from Forest, Watershed, Rural Development/Infrastructure sector, as Survey of India's Topographical-sheets are still most authentic countrywide database available in India to GIS users, but finding the exact reference and number of topo-sheets falling under area of interest is still a concern and consuming time of executors. User will be able to know the Toposheet number and sheet boundaries from the polygon, line or point features