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I am a map enthusiast using open geosptial source for research,teaching,training consultancy and humanitarian mapping activities.I am currently a PhD researcher in rapid response Crowdsourced Mapping and Volunteered Geographic Information.I am a humanitarian mapper usng and promoting OpenStreetMap and OSGeo community.I volunteer as a Humaniatrian OpenStreet Map Team(HOT) Member,OSMNigeria Coordinator,YouthMappers Chapters Nigeria Coordinator and Mentor. I am the Founder,Coordinator and Mentor of UniqueMappersTeam(UMT)Port Harcourt,Nigeria,a team comprising of more 150 gender inclusive University of Port Harcourt Students,for cowdsourced Mapping,VGI and Participatory Citizen Science and a chapter of YouthMappers Network.As part of UniqueMappersTeam activities and my mentoring activities for YouthMappers/OSM,I have also created more than 5 other YouthMappers Chapters in different Universities in Nigeria(within 6 months of starting UniqueMappersTeam).Some of these YouthMappers Chpaters includes:LionMappersTeam-University of Nigeria,Nsukka,LionMappersTeam-University of Nigeria,Enugu Campus,OyoMappersTeam-Oyo,IgnatiusMappersTeam-Port Harcourt,AbsuMappersTeam-Abia State University,FutoMappersTeam-Federal University of Technology,Owerri,Nigeria,etc and more upcoming I currently,work for University of Port Harcourt as the Principal GIS-Cartographer,Geography and Environmental Management,where,I take delight daily in a production line of critical manpower for sustainable geospatial data infrastructure development.Training,bulding and mentoring young geospatial professionals using available open geospatial source. I hold a B.Sc in Geography(University of Nigeria)M.Sc in Cartography and Geoinformation Science(RECTAS,Ile-ife,Nigeria)M.Phil.Environmental Management(Rivers State University,Nigeria). I am a members of various professional bodies and local and international levels