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Name: Vinayaraj Avatar of vinay223333 at gmail dot com
Job Title: Post-doctoral researcher
Company: AIST, Japan
State: Kerala
Country: India
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He is currently a Post Doctoral researcher (Geoinformatics) at AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Japan. Since 2013 he is using several OSGeo products for geospatial research activities. Actively participated in local and global FOSS4G conferences, made several presentations and worked as a resource person for Open Source GIS workshops such as Environmental mapping using Open Source GIS, Python scripting in GRASS, PyGRASS and Mapmint.

Recent research activities are related to Satellite Derived Bathymetry, implemented as an add-on named i.image.bathymetry in GRASS GIS and published in ISPRS-IJGI. Involved in other researches like satellite image classification using Machine Learning algorithms and development of an automatic Satellite Change Detection System.

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Research info

Academic info

  • 2007: BSc Geology
  • 2009: MSc Geoinformatics
  • 2017: PhD Geoinformatics


  • 2013 – 2017: Japanese government Monbukagakusho Scholarship for PhD
  • 2014: Best Oral presentation award (co-author) in Geoinforum, Kyoto Japan
  • 2016: Best Oral presentation award (co-author) in GISIDEA, Vietnam