WebCom Meeting 20060315

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Web Site Committee Meeting 2006-Mar-15 Tentative Agenda

Meeting Info

Chair:  Daniel
Minutes:  Jason
Conference Phone Number: 1-877-326-2337 conf ID: 320-6046#
IRC:  #osgeo
Date:  2006-Mar-15 (in North America)
Time: Wednesday March 15, 19:00 UTC

Agenda Items

Old Business

  • Actions from previous meeting
    • Jason to remove users mailing list (done)
    • Daniel to add categories, and make it the default for the projects view (done)
    • Daniel to add link to template to report page problems to WebComm tracker (?)
    • Daniel to look into announcements functionality (?)
    • Daniel to copy CSS into Documents and Files for review (?)

Web Site Items

  • Logo contest live
    • What next?
    • Who wants to vet?

  • Translations
    • Need an email to discuss and intl list requesting translators

  • News
    • News Editor?
    • News schedule?
    • Press releases
      • Explicity link to multi-language? (quite possible, just link to .html.ja page)
    • Main content
      • Coordinate through international list


  • Precious action items
    • annoncements still in the works, all others complete
  • Action: Daniel to add link to project tracker to main site template
  • Action: Jason to get in touch with MPG about getting assistance with vetting process
  • Resolved: Submit final list of logo submissions to board
  • Action: Jason to post announcement/week to the discussion list about logo
    • Posted on last Sunday
    • How many entries
    • Good ones received, but more needed.
    • Prizes
    • Open to all
  • Resolved: Logo contest vetters
    • Jason, Perry
  • Translations
    • news project (with SVN access)
    • Action: Daniel to send email to discuss and international lists asking for translators.
  • Action: Daniel to create news project and rationalize the content :)
  • Action: Daniel to post to discuss asking for a news editor
  • Action: Daniel to register IRC channel
  • Resolved: Web site to be come more user-focused (implementation stories, people profiles, project profiles, etc)
  • Action: Jason to set up Wiki page for fleshing out user-focus