WebCom Meeting 20060329

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  • RSS feeds for announce and JSFeed hacks

Jason Birch: I'm a little concerned about the possibility of cross-site scripting attacks against us, either through direct manipulation of the external script, or through dns poisoning of the external site's DNS server to send back alternate information. Should we ask the list if there is an affiliated project that would be willing to host the RSS reflector for us?

  • Blogging tools & providers
  • Logo contest status
  • News feeds for committees


  • News editor, we need a news editor
    • Perry to send another e-mail
  • Discussed Blogging tools & providers
    • Looking to see whether Autodesk would fund OSGeo blog
    • Possibility of hosting it at osgeo.telascience.org
    • President's Blog a possibility
  • RSS available but has potential security problem
  • Logos
    • Need to send e-mail to outside lists
    • Need to work closely with VisComm
  • News feeds for committees
    • Discussed OSGeo "Anouncements" feature