WebCom Meeting 20060705

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Web Site Committee Meeting Agenda

Meeting Info

Chair:  Jason
IRC:  #osgeo
When:  18:00 (6 pm) UTC on July 5th

Agenda Items


Current membership is listed as:

  • Jason Birch (Chair)
  • Fred Warnock
  • Pericles Nacionales
  • Claude Philipona
  • Jody Garnett

Members who have not confirmed their ongoing interest will be removed by vote of attending members. At the same time, additional members will be added by vote. Currently interested are:

  • Arnulf Christl
  • Frank Warmerdam
  • Jo Walsh
  • R. Paul Warriner
  • Dave Patton (may be able to help out, but don't necessarily need to be on the committee; cannot attend July 5th meeting)
  • (your name here)

Web Site

These need to be created and heavily interlinked. Who wants to do?

  • Project summary pages - Jason can work on initial cut for per-project approval (Q: What is the difference between "project.osgeo.org" - the domain - and "www.osgeo.org/project_info" - the info page?)
  • User/Developer spotlights (need to be moved from the "news" project)
  • Case Studies (currently proposed here and here only) / Organisational profiles
  • Usertype/Sector pages

Need to develop work flow for news. Is this process acceptable?

  • All general news added to the "News" project.
  • Delegates from all projects and committees given Announcement Admin and SVN access to the NEWS site
  • WebCom to "promote" major news to the main page on request by creating WWW project announcement that links to NEWS announcement.


Committee Membership Removals

  • Claude Philipona
  • Jody Garnett

Committee Membership Additions

  • Arnulf Christl
  • Frank Warmerdam
  • Jo Walsh
  • R. Paul Warriner
  • Dave Patton

Web Site

  • Jason to clean up TODO list, members to pick off items.
  • Members that want CVS access to send Jason a note.
  • Need to think about reducing duplication of content between www.osgeo.org/projects/projectname.html and projectname.osgeo.org; maybe use the projectname.osgeo.org for the info sheets of projects with existing external sites? WebCom would want to have access to these to change links, etc, though.


  • Good summary here: http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/News_Queue
  • Basically, use news.osgeo.org for all news, some items linked to from www.osgeo.org
  • Frank to be news editor with Jo as backup
  • Set up mailing list for news submissions

Next meeting

  • one week, same time.