WebCom Meeting 20060830

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Web Site Committee Meeting Agenda

Meeting Info

Chair:  Jason
IRC:  #osgeo
When:  18:00 (6 pm) UTC on August 30th

Agenda Items

  • Remove Dave Patton from committee as requested
  • Drupal prototype progress
  • Logo usage & credits
    • VisCom has committed to getting something together on this real soon
  • Web site design
    • Anything new?
  • WWW migration issues
    • Jason pinged Gary on transferring domain to OSGeo foundation. It's technically fairly simple, but needs some time on Gary's part to do.
    • Any other roadblocks that we need to address?

IRC Logs

http://logs.qgis.org/osgeo/%23osgeo.2006-08-30.log - from 10.00


In attendance: