WebCom Meeting 20070131

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OSGeo Website Committee Meeting

Meeting Info

Chair:  Jason
IRC:  #osgeo
When:  19:00 UTC on January 31st

Agenda Items

Content development

  • What do we want to add?


  • Everybody should get an account!
  • jb: I don't think so. perhaps for a separate community site, but I like the Wiki for that
  • special case for translators
  • review site roles

Change process

Existing protocol: minor changes, go ahead; new pages / sections require discussion / enable Moderation Queue (see next meeting minutes)


We OK with current?

Nope, fix it green. New input from VisCom. To have more consistent corporate identity remove the blue mast head and replace by white (grey, whatever - up to discretion of WebCom). Maintain greenish style throughout site.


  • What do we need to fix?
  • Legacy URL remappings (jb: I believe that SAC is dealing with this?)
    • tm: Need real menus so easy access to add new items,etc


  • need multi-lingual support ASAP
  • continue recruitment of translators


  • when to create them, can we plan ahead for what we need?
    • (jb: SAC is setting a policy on these)

Drupal tutorials


See IRC Logs:

http://logs.qgis.org/osgeo/%23osgeo.2007-01-31.log - from 10:00 - 11:00