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The idea here would be to develop a handbook with exercises and data related to open source web GIS technologies. Our first task is to identify people willing to contribute to this and what subject(s) they'd be willing to contribute. Our second task is to develop a standard material template.

People willing to contribute and their subject matter:

  • GeoMoose/Mapserver. Brian Fischer, U of Minnesota: "I would be interested in contributing exercises for GeoMOOSE. I teach a graduate level class at the University of Minnesota where I have developed exercises for using GeoMOOSE/MapServer."

Is anyone willing to contribute anything related to the below?

  • deegree
  • geomajas
  • Geoserver
  • Mapbender
  • Mapfish
  • Mapguide open source
  • MapServer
  • OpenLayers