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The website is managed by the OSGeo community to empower everyone with open source geospatial!

Website Access

Creating a Login

The website uses osgeo id for login, this is the common LDAP service used to access trac and many other OSGeo services (except this wiki):

  1. Create a Userid using this form:
    • The form asks you to email
    • A volunteer will answer your email with a mantra (small phrase)
    • Using the mantra (small phrase) you can unlock the form and create a UserId
  2. Sign into the website and setup your profile
    • Please be sure to include a profile picture!
  3. Once you have signed in:
    • You can create events, news items and share resources (links and media) using the website
    • To perform additional activities you will need to request an appropriate role as described below



For working with events, resources and local chapters:

  • author for people that can write an event but can not publish (normally to people that very seldom do this task)
  • editor create and review pending events done by an author (checking that link is ok before publishing)

For working on projects:

  • project author for people that can write a project posts (but not publish). Used buy project members.
  • project team capability of changing roles to other users, use it wisely!
  • project editor used by incubation committee members to publish projects (confirming that they are collaborative, open source, and spatial)

For working with GeoForAll pages and GeoForAll lab posts:

  • geoforall author used to write GeoForAll lab posts
  • geoforall editor used to publish GeoForAll labs (check the link is okay before publishing).

For working on partner posts:

  • partners editor used to write and publish partner posts. Role intended for use by board members and our partners.

For working on service provider posts:

  • service provider author used to write service provider posts
  • service provider editor used by the marketing committee to publish service provider pages (check link is okay before publishing)


  • board - cross list board members
  • page editor - edit pages used for committee, initiatives, and getting started
  • user manager - capability of changing roles to other users, use it wisely!
  • administrator - able to configure the website and theme

Website instructions