What The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Can Do For You

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This is a five minute talk about the isness of OSGeo that is designed to get people who have an open source orientation but not much of a GIS orientation psyched about what we are doing.

  • OSGeo is a "new kind of foundation"
  • Geospatial stack - the projects are by nature complementary - analogy unix kernel, userspace, network space - "need one another" - thus coming together
  • What projects get out of coming together:
    • Visibility
    • Legitimacy
    • Cross-pollination
  • OSGeo is about more than just software
  • This is partly specific to the GIS domain
    • It's extremely data-driven - open source developers need open access to data
    • It's very "civic-minded" - 80% of government information is geospatial
    • It needs deep background - educational resources are crucial
  • Something optimistic yet pragmatic
  • Something inspiring

That's probably 5 minutes?

Comments so welcome!