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Please maintain the OSGeo Wikipedia Articles, they are references to our foundation and should be as up to date as possible.

This page was originally started to contain information about Wikipedia entries that OSGeo members would be interested in creating and/or maintaining. Some discussion on the main OSGeo mailing list indicated that Wikipedia may not be the best place for the type of information we want to publish on GIS and FOSS GIS in particular.

Why not use Wikipdeia? They have some fairly restrictive content and editing policies, which may be a problem. (It has proven to be a problem for other OSGeo members contributing to wikipedia in the past.) For more information on the content and editing policies of wikipedia, see the subsequent links:

What Wikipedia Is Not

As an alternative, we might use Wikiinfo, which seems to have more flexible standards on content and editing policies.

If there is sufficient interest in this effort a more formal process for creation and maintenance of Wikiinfo interests may be adopted.

Interested OSGeo Members

  • The Sunburned Surveyor [Landon Blake]

Existing Wikinfo Entries

Entry OSGeo Maintainer Category
Geographic Information System None General Terms
Cartography None General Terms

Wikinfo Entries Not Created Yet

Entry Category
ESRI Shapefile General Terms
JUMP Pilot Project FOSS GIS Software